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Do you need AC?

Does anyone really "need" AC?  I suppose not but here is a typical night sailing in the V.I. without AC:

  • It's hot so you finally wiggle yourself to sleep in a damp sweaty puddle.  Despite the hatches being open you feel a drop of sweat rolling down your back and the sheets are all clammy.  But it's all good... you're on vacation in the "ilons".

  • Two hours later it starts to rain in through the hatch.  You wake up and shut the hatches and try real hard to get back to sleep

  • A half hour later you're cooking and have not been able to fall asleep.  You finally get up and open the hatches. 

  • You finally get back to sleep to be awakened once again an hour later to another shower.  So once again you get up and close all the hatches

  • And a half hour later it's so stuffy you feel like you can hardly breathe.  You get up again and open all the hatches and once again try to get back to sleep

  • Thankfully it's finally morning.  You've slept maybe five hours.  If you're lucky


And after two or three days of this fitful sleep the crew is grumpy and stressed.  Is a mutiny at hand?.  Are we having fun yet???  Do you "need" AC?  Technically not.  And who knows... maybe you'll get lucky and it won't be hot or it won't rain at night.  But why take that risk and go without it?  Now you're thinking to yourself that I'm exaggerating.  Nope!  I've had this exact experience.  We still had a great time mind you.  But it's an even better time with AC. 

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