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Yacht Details

Why "Fat Bottom Girl"?  It took a long time to arrive at that name.  Longer than it took to name our kids!  We signed the purchase agreement for the boat in July '20 and first saw a 530 in person in October.  A couple of weeks later my wife and I were again discussing what we should name the new boat.  We had a list of a dozen names.  All generic (yawn) nice and acceptable boat names.  But nothing that stood out.  I suggested we name her "Fat Bottom Girl" due to her ample aft end.  My wife was aghast!  I think she was afraid it somehow reflected on her back end which of course is not true at all.  Once she got past the initial knee jerk reaction it grew on her and we pulled the trigger.  And to be clear - a big rear end means lots of space in the boat, i.e, a large aft end is a good thing. 


"Fat Bottom Girl" is a 2021 Dufour 530.  4 Cabins and 4 heads plus a crew cabin in the bow.  She will very comfortably handle 8 people plus a one in the crew cabin if you don't like them.  She has a hull length of nearly 51 feet.  Plenty of room down below and up on deck. 


You can read a 2020 boat test here


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