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Down Below

  • Port Aft Cabin

    • Double bed 6'2" width or two singles (i.e., remove the filler)

      • All beds on the Fat Bottom Girl have bed slats - more comfort!

    • en suite head

      • plenty of head room

      • separate shower with partition (i.e., you won't hose down the entire head when you shower)

      • electric flush with holding tank

  • Starboard Aft Cabin

    • Double bed 5'9" width

  • Starboard aft head

    • separate shower with partition

    • electric flush with holding tank

  • Starboard and Port Forward Cabins

    • Double bed 60 inches width (tapers towards bow)

    • Dedicated head (wet)

  • Saloon

    • Plenty of head room

    • Leather upholstery

    • Fusion MS-RA205 AM/FM/Bluetooth/IPOD stereo

      • Speakers in Saloon and Cockpit

      • Personally I find hooking up to it via Bluetooth is fiddly - I recommend using a USB cable and using the IPOD (apple) or MPT (Android) source option

    • Chart table and two seats on starboard side

  • Galley

    • Gas stove with 3 burners 

    • Induction (120V) hot plate (stored in drawer under fridge) 

    • Top opening auxiliary fridge.  This smaller fridge is perfect for storing drinks such that the main fridge can be dedicated for food

    • 34 Gallon electric main fridge (130l).  Front opening

      • third fridge in the cockpit - sufficiently large to store most of your drinks for daytime use

    • 17 Gallon (65l) freezer.  Front opening

    • Microwave

  • Air Conditioning and Generator

    • 3 zone Air conditioning (Do you "need" AC?  Follow this link for some AC thoughts )

    • Fischer Panda 10000i 8KW generator

      • Burn rate of approximately 0.4 gph at half load

      • Why was a Fischer Panda chosen?  It's quiet!

      • Best to start switch the generator on without the AC load, i.e., turn the AC systems off either before you shut down via the thermostat or flip the breakers.

      • You can not run the full charge on the battery charger plus all three AC zones plus the microwave at the same time.  The generator will shut itself down due to overdraw

  • Electrical

    • 5000W inverter (when you're not running the generator)

    • Victron energy management - see "Instruments"

    • Solar panels 2x310 watt

    • 120V US outlets - minimum 1 in each cabin, head, and saloon

    • 12V outlet ("car" plug) on electrical panel

      • This is the only 12V outlet below deck

    • Dual USB charger ports in each cabin and saloon

      • Uses the 12V electrical system so no need to run inverter or generator if all you want to do is charge a "device"

  • Lighting

    • All LED lighting.  Bright, robust, and low heat

      • "courtesy" lighting on the floor.  I call it a "night light", i.e., just enough light that you can make your way around if you have to be up and about in the dark

  • Water maker

    • Rainman 40 gph (when filters are clean) desalination

    • Run with AC power supplied by generator

      • MAKE SURE you are in an area with clean water or you will destroy the membranes.  Oil sheen on the water?  Very bad!


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